The Dominican Sisters of Charity of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin from the Province of Medellin, began the mission in Haiti following the request of the General Government of the Congregation in 1998. From that moment on, the sisters were present in the field of Education, Health Care and Parish Ministry. The sisters work with other Congregations and private institutions: Canado School (belonging to the Corazonist Fathers), The Clinica Santo Esprit (from the Scalabrinian Priests; the (Memphis foundation – USA); Hospital Bernard Mevs with its project: Food for the Poor and the Center for Animation and Formation for Youth(CAFOJ, BELONGING ALSO TO THE Scalabrinian Priests.

During the earthquake of January 12, 2010, the Sisters lost their house in Porto Prince. The 3 Sisters from this community moved to CAFOJ (la Plaine, where with the sisters living there, they formed only one community working at the School Saint Charles Borrome (of the Scalabrininn Priest) and the Clinic Saint Esprit.

The immediate response from the whole Congregation of the Dominican Sisters of the Presentation, friends, and many other persons and institutions who trusting on them showed their solidarity with this people devastated by the earthquake, strengthened the desire to acquire a piece of land and build something belonging to our Congregation in order to continue rendering a service to seek promotion for the women and men from Haiti and allow them to continue being the authors of their own history and reality.

On June 21, 2011 the land was bought on Rue Dubuisson, Impasse Toussaint. After all the legal transactions, a wall was erected around the future location of the “Missionary Center Marie Poussepin”. There we have now a house for the community, a welcoming center for other Religious and different groups, a day care and a Pediatric Center.

“Care that no one lacks of anything”

Marie Poussepin

In 2014 Mrs. Yolande Paultre (Haitian engineer) started the construction of the Pediatric Center, inaugurated on March 2, 2015. For this inauguration three members of Philanthropic Foundation of Saint Joseph Hospital, in Marseille, France were present. They promised to help to provide economic help during the building of the Center.

On March 30, 31, 2015 the services were started on a temporary basis with the presence of A.M.A.R. from Puerto Rico (Medical Alliance for the Rescue), integrated by Physicians and other health-care professionals who render their services gratuitously to the most needed places in several Latin American countries. During these two days about 200 children and 120 adults were taken care of.

The final opening of the Center took place on June 8, 2015. The services offered are: medical consultation, nursing services, pharmacy, nutrition and healthy children program, vaccinations and clinical lab.

The Center is beginning to be known, slowly the mothers feel free to bring their children in need of help. The personnel of the Center take time to evaluate and to explain to the families the necessary time to obtain a diagnosis and the treatments that are recommended.